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"Bringing holistic, ancestral practices forward...Soul-purposefully" 

Pouring Violet

Greetings! Pouring Violet honors the regenerative, holistic agricultural, and human wellness practices of the past and embraces the ecological and ethical biodynamic principles of the present. The ancestors acknowledged and gave thanks for the mutualistic relationship between humans, earth's creatures, plant medicine, and the universal shifts of the cosmos...and so do we.


Our Offerings
Pouring Violet at Gaia Farms

     Cassandra Suber, Spirit-based Agriculturalist, Herbalist and Beekeeper 

Hello and welcome to this space. I'm grateful for your presence and interest in Pouring Violet. It is my soul-purposed desire to increase the knowledge and use of organic, sustainable practices that support the optimal well-being of our interconnected biosphere. By engaging the community, especially those in historically underserved black and brown (BIPOC) spaces, I work to spread awareness of the importance of understanding the need to return to holistic living such as conscious stewardship of Earth, growing your own medicine, and supporting native pollinators that are directly connected to our wellness. 

I'm a generational farmland owner and boutique farmer who grows and sources consciously grown and harvested medicinal herbs. I'm an ancestral herbalist who crafts healing medicinal teas and honey blends with a connection to the ancestors and the spirit of the plants. I'm a first-generation beekeeper who stewards not for the collection of honey, but for the privilege of serving their sacred community. 

I'm a member of the North Carolina Beekeepers Association, the Biodynamic Demeter Alliance, the American Herbalist Guild, and Green Heffa Farm's, Sow Green Society. 

Latest News 
Hive inspection season2 .jpg

Onsite Apiary Installation Consultations Now Available

If you love honey bees and pure honey as much as I do, you've probably imagined having your own bee hives. Whether it's for garden pollination, healthful honey, or just for the honor of stewarding honey bees, I'm excited to help growers, schools, community organizations, and others understand and gain access to this important practice. 


            Back in Stock!            

Seasons Soother Medicinal Tea

Hibiscus-Calendula-Marshmallow Root-Cardamom-Mace


Our signature small-batch herbal tea is consciously blended with the highest quality organic medicinal herbs that support overall wellness.    



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