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The Service of Beekeeping

For centuries, honey bees have been symbols of the oneness of community, of abundance and prosperity, and the purity and sacredness of the Divine feminine. They've been revered for their wax that holds blessed honey and brings holy light. 

Bees are the stewards of food that grows to feed and medicine that blooms to heal. Their well-being is directly connected to our own. The practice of beekeeping is really an act of service to the Divine oneness that we are all a part of.   

Learn more about honey bee advocacy and stewardship...

Become an Advocate

Do you have a love for honey bees and other pollinators like butterflies and birds? 

Pollinator Partnership at has wonderful resources that educate and inspire advocacy for pollinators everywhere.

Beekeeping Education

I love to share knowledge about the importance of honey bees with the community; it's a large part of my purpose. 

Depending on what's allowed, I'll bring a part of the apiary to your learning space. Observation bee hives filled with bees or empty bee hive boxes create a fun and interactive experience. 


Call 980-250-5764 or email us now. 

Apiary Design and Hive Installation

Our apiary design and installation begins with a consultation and on-site evaluation of your property to ensure that each hive is positioned with consideration of the natural design of your grow space. 

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