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Holistic, Regenerative and Biodynamic Agriculture


What is Holistic Agriculture?

Growing holistically involves mindful planning and consideration of the "whole" system when planning and caring for a growing space. The seeds, the soil, the climate,  the animals, the grower, and the economy are all parts of one living organism. We work with the natural order of our environment and create the growing space according to the landscape, climate and culture.

Holistic agricultural management creates a deliberate, energetic structure from which to support the sustained well-being of our local and global environment, our resources, and of all living things. 



Regenerative Soil Practices

Soil regeneration is central to a holistically designed growing space. This ecologically supportive practice restores the health of the soil by increasing soil nutrients, creating biodiversity of microorganisms in the soil, and retaining proper moisture. The environment benefits from reduced carbon emissions from the soil. 

Examples of regenerative practices include reducing tiling of the soil, spreading compost, rotating crops, and supplying a continuous root system.  




What is Biodynamics?

Biodynamics is an organic, holistic, and regenerative approach to land stewardship. The term is relatively new but the principles of this growing system are as old as the ancestors. The principles of holistic agriculture are combined with spiritualism and ritual that evokes the energies of the land, the ancestors, the plants, the animals and pollinators, the cycles of the moon and sun, and the wind and rain. 

Pouring Violet holds biodynamic practices as divinely ancestral. We are guided and purposed by the Spirits that energetically nurture the symbiosis of the universe, humans, and creatures. 

Learn more about biodynamic agriculture at the Biodynamic Association and the Biodynamic Demeter Alliance.

Courses in Biodynamic Agriculture Coming Soon

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