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Medicine grows all around us...

Medicinal plants have been used to improve health for thousands of years. Flowers and "weeds" that are native to the land form a mutualistic and supportive relationship with the people that inhabit it. Our ancestors in their wisdom understood that.

Pouring Violet honors the regenerative, holistic practices of the past and uses only quality, sustainably grown, organic plant medicine herbals in our wellness products. Here are some of the ways that we evoke the power of plants to craft medicine...   


Medicinal Teas 

Small-batch, hand-crafted medicinal tea blends are crafted with the purposed intention to bring holistic balance to the body, mind, and spirit. Our organic herbs are consciously grown, and responsibly sourced from growers who share our life-sustaining values.  

Honey Infusions

Pure local honey that's been consciously sourced is infused with medicinal herbs like lavender, calendula, hibiscus, holy basil, and chamomile. These magical infusions are healthful additions to hot and cold teas, culinary recipes and herbal body products and baths. 

herbal infusion.jpeg

Balms, Butters and Salves

Healing medicinal herbals are hand blended into richly nourishing oils such as hemp and coconut, and hydrating butters like cocao, pure beeswax, and honey. 

Our Hemp and Honey Lip Butter is favored over higher-priced lip balms on the market.

Herbal Baths

Immerse yourself in the balancing and healing energies of the plants by adding medicinal herbs to your sacred bath. Create your intention to restore and rebalance with support from the herbal essences of magical plants.


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