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My Soul's Purpose

"This isn't a business, it's my Soul's purpose." This truth is a beautiful reminder of who I am and why I'm here. I'm led by the Spirits of the ancestors who honored plants as medicine and by the Spirits of plants that form symbiotic relationships with the land and its inhabitants. As a generational BIPOC farmland owner who uses holistic land steward practices, I'm an advocate who reminds us that we are all responsible for caring for the earth and its creatures. I'm an herbalist who encourages all to grow their own medicine and a first-generation beekeeper who sees Divine communal collaboration in the collective and a sacred thread that weaves their wellness into our own. My mission for Pouring Violet is to create opportunities to engage the community in, especially those that have been historically underserved.
Spirit-Based Herbalist 

I'm a crafter, with a connection to the Spirits of the ancestors who innately knew the healing power of plants. I acknowledge the energetics of plants and that each has a Spirit that provides specific support for our well-being. I blend holistic plant medicine teas and herbal-infused honey, and soothing plant-infused products for the body's external wellness. 

Holistic Beekeeper

I refer to myself as a beekeeper only because it's common language; however, I am clear that I am not a "keeper" of bees. Sacred beings are not to be kept but instead served from a place of stewardship. I'm grateful to serve as a steward of honey bees. As I serve bees, I ultimately serve the "oneness" which is the whole that all living things are a part of.  I'm inspired by the mostly female colony which is a beautiful representation of the Divine Feminine...the powerful goddess energy that flows within us all. 


My care is holistically centered on allowing the bees to live as naturally and undisturbed as possible. My philosophy in bee stewardship is the same as the one that I apply to all no harm. 

Biodynamic Agriculturalist

As a child, I could clearly see and feel the Spirit of all things in nature. Biodynamic agriculture creates a framework to restore and sustain ecological balance and harmonious connectedness of the land, animals, the heavens, humans, and the Spirits of each. These principles are the foundation of my work in agriculture.

Sage Wisdom Guide

"All that I do comes from the foundation of who I Am and Be"...this is the truth that I hold as I move amongst all of the spaces that I'm intended to touch. I'm an intuitive sage wisdom guide who sees and hears beyond the realms of the physical. I hold safe, sacred space for those whom I serve. My soul's purpose is nurtured by the ancient wisdom of my ancestors, by the cosmic energies that hold unlimited power, and by the Spirit of the Creator. I am honored and humbled.

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